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For centuries, true innovation in fitness has been sluggish at best. Incremental improvements have provided only incremental results. Not for long. The Black Box award-winning dynamic resistance machine re-imagines the fitness experience at a fundamental level.


Say “hello” to the future of fitness. Our proprietary Dynamic Resistance Machine empowers a fitness SDK, with the world’s first hands-free VR controllers.


VR Tracked

Visible in VR for optimal user interaction and experience.


Dynamic Resistance

Servo based resistance system allows for ultimate flexibility and personalization of workouts, rep types and more.


Driven By the Game

With the patent-pending machine communicating through Unity, the resistance and configurations adapt to gameplay in realtime.


Automatic Stabilization Pad

Certain fitness movements need a bit more stabilization, we have you covered.


Robotic Articulating Carriages

Based on individual biometrics, handle carriages adjust up and down to provide a perfect angle of tension and allow for a full body workout.


Data Galore

Every movement, rep range, resistance weight, etc. is tracked, fed into the AI to prescribe the next workout and maximize user fitness results.


The world’s first hands-free VR controllers allow high-fidelity tracking of movements and enable familiar interaction in the virtual experience.

Tracked in VR

A network of sensors allow tracking of over 10,000 movement data points in every workout. This data is then used to ensure exercise movements are performed correctly. When incorrect movements are detected, feedback is displayed to correct form.

Freedom of movement

Using SteamVR technology, we’ve developed the world’s first “hands-free” VR controllers. Now, you can interact with the VR environment without holding controllers and grab resistance handles in a natural and unobstructed way.


Hardware is used in resistance training workouts and, as such, uses more impact resistant materials. The casing is mounted to a washable garment. The casing material is non-pourous and protects the internal components from sweat.

Watch the Black Box VR Dynamic Resistance Machine in action with the world’s first hands-free VR controllers.

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