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Why not just go lift at the gym?

Traditional resistance training at a gym is a great idea! The problem is that almost nobody actually does it consistently over time. Even the most disciplined fitness athletes break their gym habit and struggle to maintain their physiques. We all know that the gyms are packed in January and empty by February. Black Box VR aims to make fitness a habit as addictive as your favorite eSports and video games.

Is this for home use? Can I buy one?

Not yet!  We hope to have a home version ready within a few years after we perfect the hardware and bring the cost down. For now, Black Box VR will be available at official Black Box VR gyms that are rolling out and also coming soon to your favorite commercial gym chain.  Be sure to ask your local gym to get one installed!

Ew. Sharing a sweaty VR headset with other people sounds gross.

We agree. That’s why we use VR Covers for each individual headset and clean the headset between uses with Clean Box technology. Clean Box utilizes UV-C light (the medical grade wavelength of ultraviolet light trusted by hospitals and medical professionals for decades) in their patented design, combined with their nanotech coating and compressed air blasts, to dry, decontaminate, and provide a premium guest experience.

Your face will never touch another person’s sweat at Black Box VR. Amusement parks, IMAX, VR arcades, and location-based VR entertainment centers like The Void have been putting thousands of people through active VR experiences for years now. It’s literally a non-issue for the people that try it.

But won’t I get sweat in my eyes and cause the headset to fog up?

Nope! That’s one of the things we hear from people that haven’t tried it yet. We wear VR sweatbands to make sure that the fat you are sweating away doesn’t get into your eyes or cause the headset to get foggy. Also, special fans in the workout area help keep you cool. We were worried about the same thing, but with our setup, it isn’t a problem at all. Come see for yourself!

How does Black Box VR ensure that people use proper exercise form? They can’t see themselves in the mirror!

The great thing about VR is that we can track your movements in minute detail. With our 6DoF, room-scale experience, we can tell if you are doing the exercise correctly. Also, in the game you will receive feedback immediately if you are doing something wrong. Hands turned in the wrong direction? Are you moving too fast or too slow? Head position facing the wrong way? Moving one hand at a time when you should move two? These are all things we can detect easily and then help you get on the right track. It’s your new AI personal trainer!

I’m uncomfortable at the gym because people stare at me. Can you help?

Black Box VR experiences are private. You are in your own private area and other Black Box VR heroes won’t be able to see you outside the virtual game arena. You can rest assured that others will only be able to see your Black Box VR avatar and your epic powers!

Black Box VR is good for out of shape people, but not for serious fitness athletes like me. Right?

Black Box VR is for athletes of all abilities. Whether it’s your first time working out or you have been an athlete for years, your skills will be tested.  The Black Box VR resistance machine (the “Flex Capacitor”) is capable of up to 120 pounds of resistance per arm. The exercise programs created by our trainers and scientists are evidence-based and deliver the right volume of exercise per body part, per week, at the right intensities for improvement. This is serious fitness that is scaled for your current level. We challenge you to try it out!

Can the Black Box VR experience match the results of traditional resistance exercise and HIIT cardio?

The programs that are implemented in the Black Box VR game were created by top trainers and exercise scientists. Based on over 100 exercise studies, your body will see immediate improvements that match or beat traditional exercise programs. You will push harder and workout more consistently, even if it feels like a fun sport! A university study is currently underway to prove it. Watch this space.

What’s the real secret for why people get better results with Black Box VR vs. traditional exercise programs?

Almost any workout program is amazing for your health, fitness, and appearance. You will lose fat, gain muscle, improve your endurance, and increase your overall health and longevity. So why is Black Box VR needed? Because people do not stick to their workout programs. Working out is painful, boring, and time-consuming. You have to do it almost every day for the rest of your life or you start to lose your results! It’s extremely hard to create a lifelong fitness habit. Black Box VR has the addictive qualities of video games but instead of leveling up your in-game character while leveling down your personal health, we help you become a strong and confident hero in real life too.

Won’t I get claustrophobic inside the Black Box VR workout area?

Our room-scale fitness experience is done in a 10’ x 10’ area or 100 sq feet per person. Does that feel small? Well, as soon as you put on your headset you are transported to a gigantic stadium that will boggle your mind! It’s the opposite of claustrophobia for most people. You’ll be inspired to become the best hero you can in the Black Box VR arena!

Do I have to play the Black Box VR fitness experience by myself? I like being social.

Some people believe that virtual reality is a lonely experience. Aren’t you turning off the actual world to be alone inside a headset? That couldn’t be further from the truth! VR brings the world to you. Amazing social experiences await you and new friends from all over the world can come together to work, play, or workout together! At Black Box VR, you can competitively play against others and work your way up to new Arenas together.

I don’t need resistance training. I’m a runner! Doesn’t that make me fit?

Actually, studies continue to show that long-distance cardio like running, biking, and using cardio machines at the gym are not optimal for losing weight, increasing lean body mass, or increasing your metabolism. The cardio myth is holding a lot of people back from getting the fit body that they have been dreaming of. Resistance training and interval training (like Tabata and HIIT activities) have been proven to work better and with less time than traditional cardio. Continue running to increase your endurance, but add Black Box VR to transform your body and long-term health!

I’m scared of new technology and unsure I’ll be doing everything correctly. Will anybody be at the Black Box VR gym to help me?

Our certified Hero Trainers will be there to walk you through every step! You are never alone while upgrading your fitness at Black Box VR. We will help you start the experience, give you advice on gameplay strategies, help you understand correct exercise form, and keep you from getting injured or confused.

I’m pretty out of shape. Will I be able to do it?

Black Box VR is perfect for beginners! The first few attacks that you do will be extremely easy. If it’s very light for you, we will slightly increase the resistance towards the end of the battle to give you a little better workout. No matter where you are starting from today, we will automatically adjust the experience and help you to dramatically improve your strength and cardiovascular fitness over time. Your onboarding battles will be against wimpy computer competitors. Don’t feel too bad though. Computers don’t have feelings… yet.

Also, your workout battle will be inside your own private room. Only our Hero Trainer will be able to see you and they are just there to help if needed.

I don’t play video games. Will I understand it?

Don’t worry, we will show you everything you need to know, and MAIA, your virtual trainer, will hold your hand through it all. We have tested the game with people that have NEVER played video games before and they were easily able to understand it. As you progress over weeks and months, the game gets more complicated, so it doesn’t get boring, but you’ll be able to keep up.

I’ve never tried virtual reality and I don’t understand high-tech mumbo jumbo. Will I be able to do it?

The great thing about virtual reality is that you can interact with it just like you do in real life! It’s very simple to understand. Just put on the headset and you are in another world. We have designed the experience so that even tech newbies will have no problem with it.

What do I need to bring and wear?

Wear comfortable workout clothing like you would for a regular workout at a gym. Gym shoes are required. Short sleeve shirts are preferred since you will be wearing trackers on your forearms. Bring a water bottle, if desired. We will provide you with the arm garments, VR sweatband, and everything else you need!