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You’ll Only Wish You Started Sooner

Joining and staying a member at Black Box VR fitness gym is a transformative journey, and you’re about to embark on it.

You’ll feel confident in your decision.

The innovative combination of virtual reality and exercise taps into the latest in fitness and technology, offering you an engaging and effective way to get fit. You can trust the science behind it and witness the results – not only in yourself but in others around you.

Excitement awaits you at each session.

Every visit is like stepping into a new adventure. The workouts are exhilarating, pushing you to your limits in the most enjoyable way. It’s not just exercise; it’s an immersive experience that you’ll genuinely look forward to.

The sense of community at Black Box VR is unique.

You’re not just joining a gym; you’re becoming part of a team in a virtual world, supporting and challenging each other. These connections go beyond just working out together; they foster friendships that enrich your life.

Exercise Doesn't Have To Suck

Black Box VR isn’t just about physical fitness.

It’s also about embracing a lifestyle of health, fun, and continuous growth. It aligns with your values and becomes an integral part of your identity.

The personalization of the workouts is a game-changer.

Each session is tailored to your fitness level and goals, feeling like a combination of a personal trainer and a game designed just for you. This keeps you motivated and ensures that you’re constantly progressing.

The convenience factor is undeniable.

With Black Box VR, you don’t have to plan your workouts or worry about what exercises to do. The program takes care of everything, easily fitting into your busy schedule. This simplicity keeps you coming back.

You’ll find the blend of virtual reality with exercise fascinating.

It’s not just about getting fit; it’s about being part of the cutting edge of technology and fitness. This innovation keeps you engaged and excited.

Tracking your progress is incredibly motivating.

Seeing your achievements in the virtual world and your physical improvements in the real world is deeply satisfying. It’s rewarding to see tangible evidence of your hard work.

Finally, the community challenges and events add an extra layer of excitement.

Participating in these events not only pushes you to do your best but also connects you with the wider Black Box VR community. It’s a fun way to test your limits and engage with others.

Black Box VR Meridian Gym

The magic of Black Box VR lies in the fusion of cutting-edge virtual reality and tailor-made workout regimes. This immersive experience triggers a cascade of dopamine and endorphins, akin to a performance-enhancing elixir, but completely natural and drug-free.

See you in the Arena!

Ryan DeLuca Headshot

Ryan DeLuca, CEO of Black Box VR


Ready to dive in? Let’s make fitness your new favorite game. Welcome to the future – welcome to Black Box VR!

About Black Box VR

Black Box VR is the world’s first virtual reality esport that combines resistance training, HIIT cardio, and intense gaming to deliver a science-backed workout experience. With gym locations open in San Francisco, Phoenix, Oceanside, and Boise, members are able to build muscle, lose fat, and get fit while playing an addictive game.

What is Black Box VR? Let one of our athletes show you: